Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor!

I cannot stress this part enough! A mentor will help you succeed in your business and possibly in life. Some mentors may want to be compensated (Consultants) and some may do it for the sheer joy of helping others through the places they have been. There are pros and cons to each type of mentor.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor will be an individual or a team of individuals that will help you with your business. Mentors come in many forms, from CPA's and Bookkeepers to Life Coaches and lunch time hangouts with someone you know to be a successful individual.

How will you Find a Mentor?

Think about what it is that you need a mentor for... Go ahead I'll Wait...

Now, google search- or think of your contacts that you know that can help you with this. Call, email or if you are on a personal level invite them to lunch.

Now, explain what it is you have in mind, explain to them that you admire what they have done and would like to learn from them. Here is where the rubber meets the road, if they want paid be prepared to make such a commitment or offer to assist them on a project. Build Rapport with them and learn what it is they have to offer.

Simple? Right? Finding a mentor is easy, admitting that you need assistance or help, not so much for an Entrepreneur like yourself. It takes Humility to be successful.

Now its time to Learn. Grow. and Achieve.

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