Backyard Makeover

This past Saturday, my wife and I were "surprised" by our church family from Berean Baptist coming to our house and "crashing" our Backyard. I knew it was coming, however my wife did not, they decided that at least one of us needed to know. I had purchased a pool liner for our above ground pool. I had been needing to do this since we bought the house. They installed this, removed a portion and repaired our pool deck and even installed a walkway using pavers to the pool deck.

My wife used picstitch? and uploaded some pictures of it to her facebook page. We are greatly blessed to have a church family willing to do this for us, and we are excited to finally have use of our back yard in the summer. Yes, there will be pool parties!

Renovating Existing Shrub Borders

I hesitate to introduce the thought that on occasions birds or animals can be a nuisance, and even then usually manufacture an excuse for their behaviour. Rabbits can be fenced out, although with enough dogs and cats about the garden only the most foolhardy rodent dare show its teeth. Moles will seek less aromatic pastures if moth balls or creosote are inserted into the runs at intervals.