Holiday Lighting Services

“Transform Your Home and Make Your Celebrations Even more Special with Professional Holiday Lighting Services”

There is no doubt about the fact that every celebration is made even more special if you install special lighting around your home or corporate office. The holiday season is just around the corner and if you want your home to stand out and become the talk of the neighborhood, you should acquire professional holiday lighting services.

Crider Landscaping in Chattanooga offers professional outdoor holiday lighting and decorating services to homeowners and businesses at affordable rates. Be it your wedding or a special party, with our professional lighting and decoration services, we can easily make it even more spectacular and memorable for you.

We have a vast range of creative and unique holiday lighting displays that can be installed easily on residential and commercial properties. Whether you need wedding lighting services or holiday lighting services, we carry a variety of items in our decoration services that range from:

  • Icicle lights

  • Wreaths

  • Garlands

  • Snowflake lights

  • Snowfall lighting

  • String lights

  • Festive yard displays

We have a variety that is bound to bring your celebrations to life and transform any holiday, wedding, party, or special occasion to life. We have spectacular lighting displays for all occasions, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, or your birthday!

Professional outdoor lighting design

We are the masters when it comes to professional outdoor lighting design, and can easily provide you with a memorable lighting display that will have your guests wide eyed. We have tailor made decoration packages for our clients, which will match their budget and their tastes. Our range of holiday lighting and decorations is unmatched and we can even create custom lighting and decorations for you.

Complete holiday lighting installation

You don’t have to worry about installing holiday lighting ever again, and let the professionals take over. We will not only decorate your entire property with outstanding lighting decorations, but will also decorate them properly so that there is no risk of injury. We have trained technicians who have years of experience in professionally installing outdoor lighting and decorating properties for all occasions.

Efficient holiday lighting take down

The best part about our holiday lighting service is that we will help you take down your outdoor holiday decorations so you don’t have to do it. Our team will arrive at your property and will take down all the lights and decorations neatly, and will clean up any mess left behind. We are a professional service and will provide you with convenience when it comes to holiday lighting services.

Wedding Festive lighting

We also provide wedding festive lighting and decoration services in Chattanooga, so that the most important day in your life is also the most memorable one. We can install colorful lighting and decorations, such as string lights and festoon lighting throughout your property and landscape to light up your entire world, and take your celebrations to the next

Crider landscaping provides holiday lighting for Chattanooga residents. We are certified Holiday Bright Lights installers, and enjoy making decorating for Christmas a much easier process.

From Holiday decorations to decorating for an event our trained and certified staff at Crider Landscaping has all your holiday decor needs covered. With industry leading LED Lights and decorations your party and home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Holiday Lighting

We start with free consultation and produce a computerized rendering of your home fully decorated with lighting and lawn decorations with accompanied pricing. After you have made arrangements to have the lighting installed our trained staff makes quick and safe work of installing your holiday decor.

Once lighting is installed and tested, all you have to do is plug in the timers the day you want the lighting to come on. If, plugging in the timers is more than you want to do we can even schedule a technician to come out the day after Thanksgiving and "flip the switch" for you.

After the New Year, we come back out and taken down all decorations and store them safely and properly in our warehouse. We then take them time to test the lighting before reinstalling them the next year at your home.

Wedding Lighting

Your wedding, your day! Now someone get the lights!

With our wedding light rentals you get high quality lighting designers that work with you to make your wedding a bright and magical moment. We start with the best quality in lighting and accessories and decorate to your specifications. Whether it accent lighting for the big moment, decorations for the wedding reception or patio lighting for the outdoor cocktail hour we have your wedding lighting needs covered. And best of all, no one in your wedding party has to worry about it because we also supply a staff member for the duration of your event to make sure there are no lighting issues.

Our Lighting services are not just limited to Christmas Lighting but is available for weddings, other holidays and even corporate events.