Honey Bee Removal

honey bee hive in gardenHoney bee swarms or hive in your home or garden structures? We can remove your bee swarm and relocate them to a new home.

Don't call an exterminator, whom will kill the bees, call us and we will safely remove the bees, take them to our apiary and introduce them to a new hive.

Honey bees are an important source of pollination for many garden and landscape plants and maintain a vital role in keeping food production up for farmers all around the world.

When planning a landscape, take time to incorporate plants that attract pollinators like the honey bee and butterflies. It will add more enjoyment to the landscape to be able to watch wildlife at work.

We will then give to you a jar of honey from the hive once the bees settle in and produce enough for us to take from them.

There are a lot of myths about Honey bees and the information links below will help you understand them and hopefully clear up the fog about them. One thing is for certain though. They hold a vital role in our natural world and are a major contributor to our food production and plant beauty as well.

As a major pollinator of plants and farm crops we need more of them and there are ways we can help them. We can help by providing healthy bee management practices in our uses of pesticides, landscape plants and lastly in the management of bee keeping.

Here at Crider Landscaping we believe in being good stewards of the environment and that means all things related to our natural world. Our owner keeps a few bee hives in his backyard and is always educating others on the importance and ease of backyard beekeeping. The rewards are sweet and beautiful from the honey they provide to healthier plants.

Don't kill the bees, save them and give them a nice new home by calling today!

Learn more about Honey bees using the links below