Residential Landscape Maintenance

Our lawn care team is capable of making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood while eliminating your need to be involved. With 3 different lawn care plans we are sure to meet your needs while keeping you in your budget. No longer will you miss your round of golf or leisure on the boat to tend to your lawn. Hixson lawn will give you your time back.


MOW and GO

Just as it sounds, this is our introductory and basic lawn service for Hixson. This service includes nothing more than the basics; scheduled lawn mowing, trimming, clean-up and then we are out of your hair. We will address any additional service concerns that we notice after bringing them to your attention. We are always looking for ways to help our clients.


The Works

This package is for families on the go. We maintain the major aspects of the property so you can spend more time with your family. From trimming the hedges to monitoring the irrigation system



This package is for the property owner that wants it all. We cover everything throughout the whole year so you do not have to.


Lighting Services

Whether you are needing a lighting designer for Landscaping, Holidays, Weddings or Corporate events we can design and install the lighting to make your dreams come true. Don't buy cheap lights for your events that you have to fight with just to get to work correctly. We rent to you the highest quality lights for your events whether they be for Christmas, Halloween, a party or a Wedding.

If its landscape lighting you are looking for, we handle that too. Again, with the highest quality lighting fixtures we can find.

We use high quality LED lighting suppliers to install the best in the lighting markets. We personally know our lighting distributors and have direct access to our suppliers.

Chattanooga Commercial Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lights

We make your property safer and brighter with our landscape lighting designs. From path lights to accent lighting we use only the highest quality lighting fixtures and LED lighting technology to ensure efficient, long life of your landscape lighting display. 

holiday Lighting

You don’t have to worry about installing holiday lighting ever again, and let the professionals take over. We will not only decorate your entire property with outstanding lighting decorations, but will also decorate them properly so that there is no risk of injury. We have trained technicians who have years of experience in professionally installing outdoor lighting and decorating properties for all occasions.


patio lighting.jpg

Weddings and Events

With our wedding light rentals you get high quality lighting designers that work with you to make your wedding a bright and magical moment. We start with the best quality in lighting and accessories and decorate to your specifications. Whether it accent lighting for the big moment, decorations for the wedding reception or patio lighting for the outdoor cocktail hour we have your wedding lighting needs covered. And best of all, no one in your wedding party has to worry about it because we also supply a staff member for the duration of your event to make sure there are no lighting issues.