“We Have Mastered the Art of Landscaping for Residential & Commercial Clients”

If you want to upgrade and enhance the appeal of your home, you need high quality landscaping services, which will not only transform your outdoor space but will enhance the value of your property. Your backyard should be your own little piece of heaven, where you and your family can relax in peace and comfort, but if it currently resembles a rough patch, you need the expertise of John Crider and his team.

We have been serving Chattanooga and the surrounding areas for the past decade and will help transform your backyard into your own little wonderland. We don’t just offer you with one type of service, but an extensive range of services that will upgrade your garden completely. We have a team of designers, masons, and gardeners who are all experienced in the industry and can also provide you with some useful landscaping tips.

Crider Landscaping upholds itself to the highest standards when it comes to serving clients, and never compromises on the quality of our projects. We have mastered the art of landscaping for residential and commercial clients in Chattanooga and guarantee premium services at affordable costs.

The art of landscaping

There are lots of landscape services in Chattanooga, but none can claim to have mastered the art of landscaping like we have. To learn landscaping you need time to develop skill, and learn new techniques, which is where we shine. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and have experts who have a wealth of experience when it comes to landscaping.

All of our staff members are experienced professional with in-depth training, which means that we will be able to meet your demands completely. We have offered our expert services to some of the biggest names in Chattanooga, and have always met expectations.

Professionalism & expertise guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our expertise in landscaping, and have a team of professionals who can complete any project with ease. We make it our mission to transform your backyards into pieces of art, and enhance the visual aesthetics of your lawn with our unique ideas.

Rain Water Management

Rain Xchange Rainwater Systems

Rain Xchange rainwater management systems are proprietary solutions for rain water run off and water recycling solutions. We are certified installers of the Rain Xchange systems. To Learn more follow the link to their site.

Stop – Before you hire a landscaper download our FAQ’s on hiring one!

Landscape Maintenance Services

“Gain Exceptional Lawn Care Maintenance for a Healthy and Green Lawn

lawn care and lawn mowing

If you want a picturesque lawn in your backyard or near the backdrop of your office, you need to acquire professional lawn care services with highly trained crews. Crider Landscaping has mastered the art of lawn care in Chattanooga and guarantees plush green lawns that will transform your backyards. We have been in the industry for a long time and can help treat any brown spots, or lawn fungus you are dealing with.

A picturesque lawn can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home. At Crider Landscaping we have years of experience in providing quality lawn care to homeowners and offer exceptional services as well as lawn care tips to our customers. If you have a lawn that needs sprucing up, we can provide you with quality grass seed and lawn fertilizer to make your lawn healthier and greener.

Organic Lawn Services

One of the main reasons why we are in high demand among homeowners in Chattanooga is because we provide organic lawn services. We have a natural lawn program that only uses natural and organic materials to help bring your lawn up to the standards you want. We have professional lawn care specialists who have years of experience in dealing with lawn fungus, bare patches, weeds, and spots.

Need help with lawn disease?

We have even helped homeowners deal with lawn disease, and can help your lawn get rid of any lawn disease or insects that are harming the turf. Sometimes it is a simple problem with drainage, and our lawn experts will conduct a thorough soil analysis to diagnose your lawn problem and then provide you with an authentic lawn program to fix the problem.

Get rid of insects easily

If your lawn isn’t as lush or green as you want, insects may be harming the grass. There are lots of worms and insects that can damage your lawn, and rob it of its lush, texture, and beauty. The experts at Crider Landscaping can provide you with a full lawn inspection so that your lawn is rid of any insects harming its natural beauty. We can provide you with regular lawn treatments and lawn fertilization so that your lawn is able to flourish and you get the perfect landscape.

Professional Lawn Services

At Crider Landscaping we provide our clients with professional lawn services, which are designed to meet the requirements of homeowners in Chattanooga. Our range of services includes:

  • Weed control
  • Soil analysis
  • Organic lawn care
  • New lawn and seeding services
  • Lawn disease treatment
  • Integrated lawn care
  • Hybrid lawn care
  • Gypsum, Lime, or sulfur applications
  • Grub management and Insect control
  • Custom blend fertilizer
  • All-nutrient lawn care
  • Aeration

Get in touch with Crider Landscaping to effectively transform your lawn and landscape in Chattanooga.

Lawn Care or Lawn maintenance includes a broad range of activities from Mowing lawns, to aerating as well as fertilization. As a matter of fact Wikipedia covers 8 sub categories and 27 pages in relation to lawn care and maintenance. When trying to manage your lawn and garden maintenance on your own this can get confusing, frustrating and all out time-consuming.

That's where our Lawn Maintenance Services come into play!

Here at Crider Landscaping, we understand that lawn care is a broad subject and includes all different types of services. That is why we are a full service company. We are able to help you with all areas of lawn care, not just mowing the lawn like many "companies" only offer. Sometimes all you need is lawn mowing and we can help but if you want a truly beautiful lawn you have to understand all the different categories and methods available for you lawn care. Oh, and some of them may actually work and others, well they are just to sell more product.

If you live or own a business in the Hixson, Soddy Daisy or North Chattanooga area and are in need of Lawn Care and maintenance services contact us for a free in person evaluation of your lawn care needs. Don't deal with several different service providers to manage your lawn care, save time by working with one company.

Working with a fly by night company can have major implications on your property and potentially your well-being. Look over our list of questions you should ask a Landscaper and ultimately any contractor should be asked similar questions. We adhere to guidelines put in place by the state of Tennessee, Hamilton County and the city of Chattanooga.

When hiring a contractor remember to make sure you are dealing with a reputable one. This can prevent issues of failed insurance claims, lawsuits and in some cases tax implications. Unlicensed contractors can't be held accountable and that's why many times when people have bad experiences with contractors they generally find out after the fact that they were not licensed.

Check a Licensed Business This link will take you to our state registration for our LLC

Not just lawn care it's Land Care.

Why Land Care and not just lawn care?

Land Care is more, its caring for the earth, sustainability practices, and land management. At Crider Landscaping, we believe that property maintenance should work with the environment; not against it.

Our Landscape Maintenance services are the backbone to our business, and the basis of our relationships with our clients. When you use Crider Landscape for your landscape maintenance and lawn service needs you save time and money.

We help you get the valuable weekend back to spend more time with your family and enjoy you landscape, not spending all weekend working on it. We allow you to do what you want to, not what you "have to-do"

Our Landscape Maintenance Process

We do not just come in mow the lawn and head to the next property on our route, this is common practice for many companies. We take time to get to know and understand both you and your property. We care for the landscape by mowing the lawn, evaluating any fertilizer or pruning needs as well as other landscape maintenance needs. We then make a recommendation to you to take the next steps in your land maintenance

When you work with Crider Landscaping, you are not hiring someone to "mow the lawn" you are working with a partner in you landscape maintenance needs.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care for Hixson

Our Hixson lawn care team is capable of making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood while eliminating your need to be involved. With 3 different lawn care plans we are sure to meet your needs while keeping you in your budget. No longer will you miss your round of golf or leisure on the boat to tend to your lawn. Hixson lawn will give you your time back.

Lawn Care Programs

We have three lawn care programs to choose from that will fit your budget and desires for your property maintenance.

MOW and GO - Lawn Care

Just as it sounds, this is our introductory and basic lawn service for Hixson. This service includes nothing more than the basics; scheduled lawn mowing, trimming, clean-up and then we are out of your hair. We will address any additional service concerns that we notice after bringing them to your attention. We are always looking for ways to help our clients.


This package is for families on the go. We maintain the major aspects of the property so you can spend more time with your family. From trimming the hedges to monitoring the irrigation system


This package is for the property owner that wants it all. We cover everything throughout the whole year so you do not have to.

Don't want to lift a finger in your Landscape Maintenance? THEN DON'T!

We have it covered with this package. This is a great choice for our Commercial project managers that are looking for the best in their Commercial landscape maintenance services.

Lawn Mowing Service

lawn mowing technician
lawn mowing technician

Many times when people think of lawn care they are really think of lawn mowing. lawn mowing or manicuring, as some people call it is really just a small factor in lawn maintenance; although it is generally the most time consuming.

That's where our Lawn Mowing Services help!

At Crider Landscaping, we understand that lawn mowing is a time consuming and dangerous chore. That is why we offer lawn mowing as one of our many services and our lawn care technicians are trained in the property use and safety of our machinery. More than 37000 people are injured by mowers each year according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and over 17000 of those people are children. Why risk the injuries and spend the time doing it yourself when our trained technicians can do it for you?.

Pricing of Lawn Mowing

Our Lawn mowing service varies according to your individual property and terrain. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for us to give you any sort of rate quote over the phone or here on our website.

If a company tells you that their rate is "$X.XX" per service for your lawn then you may want to delve deeper into how they came up with that. After all, you want a service provider that is going to give you a quality service, and how can they if they realize that they are losing money half way through the season? Sometimes a company can give you minimum pricing, this is good because generally a company will understand their costs to do business and a company that knows their costs of lawn mowing generally are the companies that stay in business.

If you live or own a business in the Hixson, Soddy Daisy or North Chattanooga area and are in need of lawn mowing services contact us for a free in person evaluation of your lawn care needs. Don't deal with several different service providers to manage your lawn care, save time by working with one company.

Working with a fly by night company can have major implications on your property and potentially your well being. Look over our list of questions you should ask a Landscaper and ultimately any contractor should be asked similar questions. We adhere to guidelines put in place by the state of Tennessee, Hamilton County and the city of Chattanooga.

When hiring a contractor remember to make sure you are dealing with a reputable one. This can prevent issues of failed insurance claims, lawsuits and in some cases tax implications. Unlicensed contractors cant be held accountable and that's why many times when people have bad experiences with contractors they generally find out after the fact that they were not licensed.

More things to consider for lawn mowing

Lighting Services

Whether you are needing a lighting designer for Landscaping, Holidays, Weddings or Corporate events we can design and install the lighting to make your dreams come true. Don't buy cheap lights for your events that you have to fight with just to get to work correctly. We rent to you the highest quality lights for your events whether they be for Christmas, Halloween, a party or a Wedding.

If its landscape lighting you are looking for, we handle that too. Again, with the highest quality lighting fixtures we can find.

We use high quality LED lighting suppliers to install the best in the lighting markets. We personally know our lighting distributors and have direct access to our suppliers.

Holiday Lighting Services

“Transform Your Home and Make Your Celebrations Even more Special with Professional Holiday Lighting Services”

There is no doubt about the fact that every celebration is made even more special if you install special lighting around your home or corporate office. The holiday season is just around the corner and if you want your home to stand out and become the talk of the neighborhood, you should acquire professional holiday lighting services.

Crider Landscaping in Chattanooga offers professional outdoor holiday lighting and decorating services to homeowners and businesses at affordable rates. Be it your wedding or a special party, with our professional lighting and decoration services, we can easily make it even more spectacular and memorable for you.

We have a vast range of creative and unique holiday lighting displays that can be installed easily on residential and commercial properties. Whether you need wedding lighting services or holiday lighting services, we carry a variety of items in our decoration services that range from:

  • Icicle lights
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Snowflake lights
  • Snowfall lighting
  • String lights
  • Festive yard displays

We have a variety that is bound to bring your celebrations to life and transform any holiday, wedding, party, or special occasion to life. We have spectacular lighting displays for all occasions, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, or your birthday!

Professional outdoor lighting design

We are the masters when it comes to professional outdoor lighting design, and can easily provide you with a memorable lighting display that will have your guests wide eyed. We have tailor made decoration packages for our clients, which will match their budget and their tastes. Our range of holiday lighting and decorations is unmatched and we can even create custom lighting and decorations for you.

Complete holiday lighting installation

You don’t have to worry about installing holiday lighting ever again, and let the professionals take over. We will not only decorate your entire property with outstanding lighting decorations, but will also decorate them properly so that there is no risk of injury. We have trained technicians who have years of experience in professionally installing outdoor lighting and decorating properties for all occasions.

Efficient holiday lighting take down

The best part about our holiday lighting service is that we will help you take down your outdoor holiday decorations so you don’t have to do it. Our team will arrive at your property and will take down all the lights and decorations neatly, and will clean up any mess left behind. We are a professional service and will provide you with convenience when it comes to holiday lighting services.

Wedding Festive lighting

We also provide wedding festive lighting and decoration services in Chattanooga, so that the most important day in your life is also the most memorable one. We can install colorful lighting and decorations, such as string lights and festoon lighting throughout your property and landscape to light up your entire world, and take your celebrations to the next

Crider landscaping provides holiday lighting for Chattanooga residents. We are certified Holiday Bright Lights installers, and enjoy making decorating for Christmas a much easier process.

From Holiday decorations to decorating for an event our trained and certified staff at Crider Landscaping has all your holiday decor needs covered. With industry leading LED Lights and decorations your party and home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Holiday Lighting

We start with free consultation and produce a computerized rendering of your home fully decorated with lighting and lawn decorations with accompanied pricing. After you have made arrangements to have the lighting installed our trained staff makes quick and safe work of installing your holiday decor.

Once lighting is installed and tested, all you have to do is plug in the timers the day you want the lighting to come on. If, plugging in the timers is more than you want to do we can even schedule a technician to come out the day after Thanksgiving and "flip the switch" for you.

After the New Year, we come back out and taken down all decorations and store them safely and properly in our warehouse. We then take them time to test the lighting before reinstalling them the next year at your home.

Wedding Lighting

Your wedding, your day! Now someone get the lights!

With our wedding light rentals you get high quality lighting designers that work with you to make your wedding a bright and magical moment. We start with the best quality in lighting and accessories and decorate to your specifications. Whether it accent lighting for the big moment, decorations for the wedding reception or patio lighting for the outdoor cocktail hour we have your wedding lighting needs covered. And best of all, no one in your wedding party has to worry about it because we also supply a staff member for the duration of your event to make sure there are no lighting issues.

Our Lighting services are not just limited to Christmas Lighting but is available for weddings, other holidays and even corporate events.

Firewood Delivery in Chattanooga


Seasoned Firewood Stacked

Hixson and Chattanooga Friewood Service

Since we offer a tree removal service we are able to supply quality hardwood for the fireplace at the best rates possible. We select only the best quality portions of a tree for our firewood processing. We sell our firewood in three different portions: The Cord, The Half Cord and The Face Cord (more commonly referred to the Rick). Our seasoned firewood is great for camping, heating, cooking Bar-b-Que or just keeping a romantic fire in the fireplace.

Crider's Landscaping has a large selection of seasoned wood available throughout the year. We have Hickory, Oak, and Maple as well as other varieties of wood from time to time. We can supply you with firewood for a cookout or bonfire and we can supply you with all the Hickory wood to run your BBQ business year round.

Pricing of Firewood


Campfires and S'mores

Our wood can be picked up in person at our locations in Chattanooga, St. Elmo, Soddy Daisy or can be delivered for a small additional fee. Our rates vary from time to time as well as our quantity and selection available. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our firewood at the best possible price for our clients. For example; below are our average prices on firewood quantities. Call for current pricing and Deals.

sold out
Quick View
from 100.00
Add To Cart

Call for current pricing.


Rick / Face Cord |$75.00|$100.00

1/2 Cord |$150.00|$175.00

Full Cord|$300.00|$325.00

If you are camping at Chester Frost Park in Hixson TN and need firewood for the Week or Weekend contact us for our campers specials on firewood. Don't by bundles at the gas station when you can buy local wood delivered direct to your Chester Frost Campground Campsite in Hixson.

We are able to accommodate any amount of wood on an as needed basis. If you are camping at any of our local parks, Whether it be Chester Frost County Park, Booker T. Washington State Park, Harrison Bay State Park or just a weekend cookout, call us for small quantity pricing specials that can't be beat at the camp store.

Moving wood and brush can spread invasive insects and parasites that destroy our trees and forests. We adhere to guidelines put in place by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

When purchasing wood remember to buy locally processed firewood in order to prevent the spread of invasive insects and diseases that can be spread through the transportation of infected firewood. For more information on the safe handling of firewood visit the site Don't Move Firewood by clicking the link below.

Unfortunately, if you are planning on taking the wood into a National Park like the Great Smoky Mountains we cant sell to you. There are laws concerning firewood in the National Parks and Forests. We do not offer USDA kiln dried firewood, therefore it cannot be taken to these areas.

Spread the Word

  • Talk to your neighbors, friends, family and coworkers about forest pests in Tennessee and what they should look for on their trees. Remind them that there are quarantines in several counties in Tennessee that restrict the movement of certain plant materials like wood.
  • Tell your friends not to move wood, especially when camping, hunting, biking, or hiking. Ideally, your wood should be from only a few miles away, or at least in the same county. State and Federally certified wood is also an option.

Definitions of Firewood:

Cord of wood:

A cord of wood is defined by a measurement of 4x4x8 foot stack of wood for a total of 128 cubic feet. This is a measurement defined by state statute and more can be found on wikipedia.

1/2 Cord of wood:

Technically not a legally defined amount of wood but it is a measurement that can be defined. However this is a stack of firewood that is 4x4x4 and totals 64 cubic feet.

Face Cord / Rick of wood

Now, here is where measurements get messy. Many times you will see wood advertised in this manner especially on local classified sites. This is because there is no actual defined measurement of wood in this amount. Generally speaking if wood is split into sticks that are 16 inches long you would have a face cord or 1/3 a cord of wood. This is the amount of wood that most people refer to in a rick of wood, but this is not always true.

Eco-Friendly Landscapes

We offer many eco-friendly landscape solutions, whether you are looking for green landscape solutions or the unique earth friendly landscape Crider Landscaping can help you on your next Eco-friendly building project. The easiest solution is to implement rain barrels and native plant selections, but we go beyond that

From Rain water collection and re-use to permeable hardscape solutions we have you covered. Many people think that because it's landscaping its a green solution and that is true in part. However, there are several ways to make your landscape project have an even better environmental impact. WE have many tricks up our sleeves in order to help make your next green project, well... "Green"

Rainwater Collection

With systems available to collect water for the garden in simple rain barrels, all the way to complete underground systems. Use recycled water for use in irrigation systems and more. Possibilities for rainwater re-use are endless. If you are on city sewer systems this can save a substantial amount off of your water bill by using natural water in your lawn instead of municipality water.

We are RainXchange certified contractors that allows us to have access to some of the best rain water recycling methods and products available.

Permeable Driveways

Traditional drive ways are hard, impervious areas that water cannot drain into. With permeable solutions you can reduce rain water runoff and create beautiful driveways that blend into the natural surroundings that look just like your lawn.

Roof Gardens

Roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular. With new systems there are endless possibilities for roof top gardens. They are Eco-friendly; reducing building temperatures by providing natural insulation and reducing rainwater runoff and creating natural filtration.

Crider Landscaping believes in responsible management of resources whether natural or man made. Contact us today for a consultation on better managing our resources for future generations.

Chattanooga Landscape Design

Here at Crider's Landscaping we feel that the best landscapes are landscapes that work with your property and the environment and are ones that you will enjoy for years to come. That is why we offer landscape design services.

At Crider's Landscaping we feel that our clients are the best, that is why we employ, what we feel to be, the best landscape designers in the industry. Our in house Landscape Architect, Andrew, works with you to achieve your landscape goals. He then heads up your landscape design and planning. If need be we use a very proprietary system to work with the best landscape designer team in the United States, our proprietary landscape design system allows us to provide our clients with a team of highly qualified landscape designers and architects.

Once the designs are completed, we then provide you, our client, with a color landscape design that can be used to envision and create the landscape or back yard paradise that you have always dreamed of.

About our Designs

Our Designs are created using the latest technology in landscape design software creating a visually appealing landscape layout. Our Designs are created using an industry leading software based on CAD. We are able to work with CAD architectural drawings to create landscapes that complement your commercial property, Or simple enough for a DIY installation by the homeowners.

Landscaping with a design

We work with you and our designer to get you the landscape you have dreamed of and deserve. After we finalize the design you set back and watch as we transform your property before your very eyes. If you are looking for a design service to turn your ideas into a plan, we can do that too.

We will set a design fee based on requirements, and once the project is designed you can have it bid on by several companies, or take the design and implement it yourself.

We discount the landscape installation cost by the design cost if you decide to use us as the installers as well. We recommend this as we then have the landscape architect on site at times during the landscape installation process as one more way to serve our clients and their best interest. If something is in question we have the designer on hand to assist with any changes.

The best part, once we install your new landscape, we then bring in our Maintenance team to keep the landscaping looking like it did from the beginning. Call today 423-762-6430 to have us take care of your next project.

Taking care of your Landscape needs; From start to finish and beyond!